I want to be productive. I am most content when I am working on a programming project and completing my goals. I wish only to put my experience and skills to use and to continue learning all I can about programming techniques and hardware platforms.  I am currently happily employed at Electronic Arts, Tiburon in the Orlando, FL area.


I am a video game programming veteran with 15+ years of professional experience. I am also a computer geek who has 25+ years of computer knowledge. I have shipped numerous titles for many different console platforms. Some titles were written in C/C++ while others were coded in assembly. Even after 25+ years of being involved with computers, I have an insatiable appetite for learning more. I am a loyal and productive employee whom I believe will be an asset to your company.

Titles Shipped

· 1990 – Mickey’s Colors And Shapes – PC-DOS – Project Manager
· 1991 – Monopoly – NES – Project Manager
· 1991 – Monopoly – Gameboy – Project Manager
· 1992 – Monopoly – Famicom – Conversion programmer.
· 1992 – Monopoly – NES (British, French, and German) – Conversion programmer.
· 1994 – Noctropolis – PC-DOS – Programming assistance.
· 1994 – Symphonix OPL Editor – Windows – Sole programmer
· 1995 – Greatest 36 Holes Starring Fred Couples – Sega 32X – One of four programmers.
· 1996 – Nester’s Funky Bowling – Nintendo Virtual Boy – Lead programmer.
· 1997 – James Bond 007 – Gameboy – Sole programmer.
· 1998 – Oddworld Adventures – Gameboy – Technical programmer.
· 1999 – Catz – Gameboy Color – Sole programmer.
· 1999 – Dogz – Gameboy Color – Sole programmer.
· 2000 – Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack – Gameboy Color – Lead programmer.
· 2001 – Legends of Wrestling – Playstation 2 – Programmer.
· 2002 – Legends of Wrestling – Gamecube – Assistant lead programmer.
· 2002 – Legends of Wrestling – Xbox – Programmer.
· 2002 – Legends of Wrestling II – Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox – Programmer.
· 2004 – SHOWDOWN: Legends of Wrestling – Playstation 2, Xbox – Programmer.

  2005  - Madden 06 PSP - Playstation Portable - Online/Network Programming.

  2006 - NFL Head Coach - Xbox, Playstation 2, PC - Online/Network Programming.


10/2004 - Present Electronic Arts Tiburon - Software Engineer II

Current programming on the Central Online Next-Generation team.  I have completed two projects in my first two years at EA.  Madden 06 PSP and NFL Head Coach.  I was the sole programmer for Online/Infrastructure on Madden 06 PSP and co-programmer for online/network on NFL Head Coach.

1/2003 to 8/2004 Acclaim Studios -Austin TX Programmer - Level 3
I was a programmer on the teams that developed Acclaim's Legend of Wrestling series. I not only worked on the user interface for all three products. I was also responsible for technical requirements for each of the platforms. I provided peripheral support for the engine used by LOW.

8/2001 to 1/2003 Acclaim Studios - Salt Lake City UT Programmer - Level 3
I was a programmer on the teams that developed Acclaim's Legend of Wrestling series. I was responsible for all assembly code (PowerPC) used in the Gamecube version of Legends of Wrestling and Legends of Wrestling II. I was assistant lead on the Gamecube port of Legends of Wrestling. I was responsible for technical requirements and user interface for all platforms. I also assisted with statistics tracking and some AI. When the studio was closed down by corporate, I was one of six out of the entire studio (80+) offered the opportunity to continue with Acclaim at their Austin studio.

1/1995 to 8/2001 Saffire Corporation American Fork UT Gameboy Technical Director
I was responsible for overseeing the production of all Gameboy and Gameboy Color titles. I was the lead programmer on Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pak for Gameboy Color. I was the only programmer on Catz for Gameboy Color. I was the only programmer on Dogz for Gameboy Color. I was the only programmer for Nintendo's million-seller James Bond 007 on Gameboy. I also did prototype work for Tiger Wood's golf on the Nintendo 64. I was responsible for DirectX compatibility on an unshipped PC title. Saffire's Gameboy library consists of titles based upon my engine work (Z80 Assembly). The engine and tools that I produced while at Saffire were licensed to third parties.

1/1992 to 12/1994 Flashpoint Productions Lacey WA Senior Programmer
I was the only programmer on an unreleased Sega Genesis snowboarding game. I was responsible for physics, AI, game play, user interface, etc. I assisted programming on Electronic Art's Noctropolis. Basically I was responsible for putting out the fires for this product. I was responsible for the user interface and AI for Fred Couple's Greatest 36 Holes for the Sega 32X platform. I programmed a commercial development tool used by sound engineers entitled Symphonix OPL Editor. This was a Windows application that interfaced directly with the Yamaha OPL chip prevalent on most sound cards at the time.

11/1988 to 12/1991 Sculptured Software Salt Lake City UT Development Systems Product Manager
My primary responsibilities at Sculptured were the support and design of development systems and development tools. The development packages were also licensed to third parties and I was responsible for their training and support as well. I was a key factor in Sculptured's ability to develop a hardware based devkit for the SuperNES (Then known as the SuperFamicom). Despite my lack of any formal electronics education, I was able to convert an older NES development system to work with the SuperFamicom. This allowed our contracted hardware engineers to produce a prototype in less than 60 days We were also able to develop the tools necessary for a SuperNES SDK and managed to show it at CES. These development kits were then licensed to third parties with Nintendo's approval.


09/77 to 05/78 Utah Technical College Salt Lake City UT
Computer Science Major. Unable to complete my associates degree due to financial situation.

Technical Skills

Assembly level programming on both CISC and RISC chips. These included 6502, 6800, 6809, 68000, Nec V810, Z80, Z280, SH-2, PowerPC, x86. C/C++ programming on various console platforms, including NES, Sega Genesis, Sega 32X, Super NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, PC, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, Playstation Portable, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.  A very thorough understanding of computers and operating systems. I have set up Local Area Networks using Lantastic, Novell Netware, OS/2, Microsoft Windows Server, FreeBSD, and Linux. I am currently focused on improving my C++ knowledge skills and working with patterns.  I am a very resourceful programmer, if I don't know how to do something, I do know where to look to find out how.

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